Nov 21, 2007

To do list

1. Write today’s post check doing it right now…LOL
2. Send hubby to pick up friend and her children to keep my children entertained while doing this to do list. Why adding more children is a good thing…I will have to get back to you on that.
3. Bake Cookies:
A. Chocolate Chip
B. Rolled Sugar Cookies(for cut outs)
C. Oatmeal Cookies
4. Make Pies:
A. Pumpkin Pie
B. Apple Pie
C. Chocolate Pudding Pie (Per Curtis’ request this year)
D. Chocolate Banana Cream Pie( per Gregory’s request)
5. Decorate the tree that is currently driving me nuts standing there all bare and naked. So its not going to wait for Turkey Day. It won’t make it to see Turkey Day standing there naked. I put it together last night to let it settle. It drove me so nuts that I could not stay in the same room. Must.Get.It.Dressed.
6. Hope that my 1 yr old lights still work. If not send hubby to the store for some new ones.
7. Finish the washing of the laundry.
8. Do the cleaning
9. Go shopping for a table center piece. My table looks damn good with the new table cloth but a center peice for it would top it off real nice!!!!
10. Write up what I am thankful for this year:

Ok So I can do 10 right now:
I am thankful for my hubby. Sure he can test me and be a pain in the butt sometimes but I still love him anways!!!
I am thankful for each of my children. Without them I would be lost in the world today.
My family and my freinds. Freinds includes those in real life, the bloggy blog world and those on MayasMom!!! Without any of you in my life I would be a lost Mom!!!!!!

8 more numbers to complete. Its real early in the morning and I have not been to bed yet so until I wake up this will go undone! And since its Wednesday my time I can get away with not doing this when I first wake up! I have removed the comment moderation thing so your comments will post as soon as you do them!!! I will check in on breaks here and there!