Nov 19, 2007

Got Nothing

Today I have nothing to talk about. Nothing.
Still Blank. I am thinking.
When do you start to put up your Christmas decorations? Me? We put ours up on Thanksgiving. Gives us and the kids something to do while the food is cooking. When do you take yours down? Me? Not until at least January 2. We feel that any sooner than that and we will have bad luck. I don’t know how that got engraved in our brains but its there. Artificial or Real Tree? We do artificial. Its too expensive to get a real tree around here. That and Sam has asthma so I don’t want to give him something else to affect him during the winter.
Do you have a color theme you do? I am just starting up a blue and silver theme. I have blue from last year as we did just blue. This year I am adding the silver to give it a spike in color. And since I broke our tree last year we have to get a new one this year. I am going to get a white one to make the colors pop! I also like snowmen. Last year I had a few cute little snowmen figures. I no longer have them cause the kids thought they were action figures. I also make my own bows. Last year did several colors and it didn’t look quite right with the blue lights, blue glass balls, the blue beads or the blue tinsel. I have a few that are blue but I am going to be making more this year that blue. And some that are silver. I need to get some silver beads and tinsel. If I can find silver lights then I will some of those too. Also I am going to get silver balls too.
I don’t have many things to hang on my walls so this year I plan to get some more. I also have things that the kids have made in school for me as well. I can’t wait to take them out to see them!! I will be taking pictures and sharing them with you once I have it all done!
If I could find the disc that has the pictures on it from last year I would show you those. I am wondering if its not in the Christmas stuff.
I don’t decorate the outside of the house. See I live next door to the post office. Its so much next door that my bedroom is above it. Its on the other end of my porch. It would look real silly if I only did my end. And my front yard is very small. So I can’t put anything out there anyways.
This year I am also going to bake. I can bake. And I will. Cookies. Lots of cookies. I also want to help the kids make something for family this year like I did last year. Last year I made the ornament cookie dough recipe in big batches. I rolled it out and did hand prints of the kids. They were a big hit for family. Barely cost us anything to do them yet priceless for each family member that got one. I hope I can figure out something this year. I was going to make up calenders but I completely forgot and don’t have calender worthy pictures. Sure I could take them now but I wanted to take pictures once a month to show how much they have grown this year. That is ok I will do that next year:)
I will figure it out though! I always do! Have a wonderful day!