Apr 28, 2007

You all missed a great party last night! Not that you all could have joined anyways but I will tell you about it!
Our freinds E and A invited us to go the drive in movies with them so we went! Angelina Marie was at my mom’s house for a visit. So it was just us and the boys! Gregory and Sam fell asleep on the way and slept during the movies.
The first movie was Meet the Robinsons! I can’t tell you one way or the other about this movie cause I did not watch the whole thing. We got there toward the end of this movie.
The One Movie I can tell you is a must see movie~ Wild Hogs! This is a hilarious movie! We all laughed so hard during this! Even Curtis loved it and he is 5!! This is well worth seeing!

The third movie that they were playing I can’t even tell you the name or rate it for you as we did not watch the movie. We were all tired and dh had to work this morning so we came home!
It was such a trip last night! I don’t mean the drive there or the drive back. I mean the type of fun you have was so much and so fun and so needed that you say “That was a trip last night!!” It was!
The fun for me did not end when we got home last night! Oh no Sam had to add to it (well that is what he thought he was doing i swear). After trying to put him to bed i knew he was not going to sleep so I brought sam down so he could hang with all of us. E and A hung out last night so we could talk and just chill until we all went to bed and they went home.
When it came time for us to go to bed Sam was not having it! At all! He cried until i don’t know when. My last trip to him last night was like 4 am. that is when my body just shut down and made me sleep. It did the same with sam too!
I so much want to do the drive in movie thing again…but I think i will get a sitter for sam so he can stay on schedule! Naptime today is for the kids and I . Please if you know where I could get a coffee IV please please tell me! Today is the day I am going to need it! I am sitting here in a fog! I will admit that I had so much fun! Even curtis had a blast last night! Gregory and sam slept through the movies and they fell asleep on the way! Today is movie day for the kids! Naptime needs to hurry today!