Apr 27, 2007

Hello World!

Hello Blog world! I am new to this so I wanted to just send a hello to you all and to introduce me and my gang! I have 4 children 1 girl and 3 boys! Yea I know I am so busy and must be a super mom! I have heard it all! I also have some neices and nephews as well. I have 4 neices and 4 nephews. I myself cam from a family with 1 sister and 1 brother myself being the youngest! In a way my dh is an only child…I will tell more about that later! I do have so many aunts and uncles that I can’t count them all much less how many kids they each have. And this is not about them anyways! This is about my own little family!
About me:
I am 27 yrs. I have medium brown hair that i got from a box! My hair was blonde when I was born and when I was little. Now that I have kids I get my color from the box just so I can do things for myself every so often! I have green eyes! The happier I am the greener they get! I am taller than my kids right now and weigh more than my oldest who is 8. I grew up in a really small town in PA its so small that on paper maps its not even listed. Online maps after you zoom in and zoom and zoom it shows up! Sometime I will share that with you. I now live in NY. The state not the city. I am at least a full days drive from the city if not more. I have not been there so I can’t tell you for sure! I live in the Finger Lakes Region in New York. I have Keuka Lake on one side of me and Seneca Lake on the other. I have a hubby and we have been married for 5 yrs and together 6 yrs. More on that anther day! I have a wonderful in law family!! I am so happy to have them all as a part of my family it may make some you of you sick. more on that later!
My daughter:
Princess Angelina is 8 yrs turning 9 in May..I am not ready for that..don’t ask! LOL! She is into baby dolls and Bratz and Barbies and all that girly girl stuff! I so much love having her around!
My oldest boy:
Little Man is 5 yrs turning 6 in June! Again I feel like mother nature is just going way to fast here! He is a ham most of the time! Life is never the same ever with Little Man! He always has a new adventure for us to go on! He has SPD, autism and adhd. I do plan to do entries on our journey with this! Little Man is my sensory seeker and lacks pain sensor’s i swear he does!You see Little Man has Sensory Intergration Dysfunction, autism and ADHD. I will speeking about our journey when I get the time to do do so!
Next in the line up:
Gregory who is 4 yrs old. His birthday is a ways off so we won’t talk about his next one! Eric is interesting! He has such a great imagination. I hope he works in the arts some day! He too has spd but is opposite of Little Man. He is more timid around everything and everyone though its making progress. i have found the pain sensor’s that Curtis should have gotten..they are all in Gregory! See Gregory's sensory system feels alot of things as pain. Where as Little Man can hardly feel anything unless its clothes.
Last but not least!
Sam is 22 months old will be turning 2 in June! 1 week after Little Man. I would rather they were a week apart then on the same day! Alax is a spitfire baby!He loves to pick on his brothers as much as he can! He is the one who is giving me a run for my money. Lord Help me when my boys are teens cause I know I am going to need all the help I can get!Well now that I have rambled this is it for now.

Please note: When I wrote this post I was trying to figure out nicknames for the kids. I was going to change them but decided not too.
Here is the rundown.
Little Man is Curtis who is 6
Gregory, G Man, Eric is Gregory Eric who is 5.
Samuel Alaxander is Sam or Alax going by his middle man.
I struggle calling my kids anything other than their real names! Please forgive me!