Jul 19, 2008

What the kids have been doing

A few weeks ago we went to a family picnic at the inlaws. The kids found a whole bunch of apples and Sam took the time out to line them up and then got a hold of my camera. Upon my surprise he got this shot:

Later after dinner we did an easy way to roast marshmallows for smores. Though we cheated and used chocolate covered graham crackers. The kids had fun roasting but didn't care to eat them.

Curtis and Gregory helping Grandpa move a branch:

Sam all dressed up and no place to go expect for the bathtub. This is somewhat my fault. I ran out of fuel...no caffine of any kind to be found in the house and no chocolate either. This is what happens....I fall asleep and the kids get into things. Don't worry I was only gone to the world for a half hour:

My bedroom door. It has artwork on it that got there while Sam was getting all dolled up..he had help too! And the piece of wood that is screwed into the door? I put that there to keep the boys out of my room. I found a nick nack of mine that was in a box in the closet broken.

They can't get in anymore during the daytime. And since no one is on the other side of the door it's not a fire hazard either! My biggest summer time problem is now solved all because I ran out fuel.


liza said...

lol, "when the cat is away the mouse will play" that's really the fun of being kids. it looks like they had real fun while you were sleeping ;)

Fatherlyours said...

I also love chocolate. But that was 9 years ago.Before i was diagnosed with high blood sugar.Now, I am satisfied just holding or seeing those chocolates.

Irish Mom said...

Looks like everyone is having a blast!!
Thanks for the chocolate covered graham cracker tip, I let my 5 year old invite some friends over for a "campout" this weekend.

Jennifer Robin said...

Thanks for visiting Robin's Woods and leaving such a nice compliment while you were there. Sam took a pretty well composed picture of those apples! S'mores on chocolate covered graham crackers aren't cheating, they're innovative. Our personal favorite is to use homemade chocolate cookies, they're even less messy!

Re the chipmunk pictures and how I get them, it's not easy! I use a 300mm lens with image stabilization, and usually lay on my stomach on the ground patiently until they start doing their thing. I've recently found that using the motor drive on my shutter release (taking 6 shots per second) is getting me some cool shots, like the flying chipmunks! For the "posed" ones, you just have to have good reflexes and anticipate what they might do next. We know their individual personalities pretty well, so that helps. In the past month, I have taken 400 chipmunk pictures, about 50-75 of which are keepers.

momto4kidsny said...

liza: So true! They sure did have fun while I was sleeping and I have stocked up on the coffee and chocolate to make sure it don't happen again! I would hate to see the outcome! lol

fatheryours: Have you tried the sugar free stuff or is that still out for you? Some of it is actually good. Trial and error though!

irish mom: Your very welcome for the tip! It's actually good even if my kids didn't eat them. They are picking about food so their oppinion does not count.

jennifer robin: Your so welcome!
And thank you for the tip! I'm going to have to save up money and get the lense for my camera! That is all I'm missing!
The shot of the apples was one of 10 he took...i think it was pure luck that it came out that way!
Thanks for the cookie tip too! Will have to try them next!