Jul 24, 2008

Sam and the stroller Part 1

Sam loves his new stroller. It's just too bad though that mother nature and the weather can't be on the same page. Weather man is the one who is not doing his job right. Either it's going to rain or it's not going to rain. Don't tell me that tonight after 5 we will have a chance of rain but the sun will be out all day. Do you know what happens? I go out for a walk and have to rush back to the house because of the rain. I don't know who is laughing more. The weather man for being wrong or Mother Nature by making him wrong and raining on my walks just for the fun of it.
Though we did get to walk yesterday while it was raining by going to the mall and a few other stores just so I could use the stroller in the manner it's made for.

As I write do you know where Sam is?

A. Sam is on the couch watching his morning cartoons since we can't go walking due to the chance of rain.
B. Sam is sitting in the stroller watching his cartoons since we can't go out walking.
C. Sam is tired from all the non walking we are doing he is taking an early nap.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the cadillac of all strollers~I can see why Sam wants to go for a walk. :)

Trish said...

I am guess the answer is B - am I right? That's too funny!

momto4kidsny said...

eeyoresworld: It is the best stroller we have ever had! I should have bought this one way back when I was pregnant with my first!

trish: B is the right answer! He wants to walk but with all the rain we can't go out so he is choosing to sit in to watch cartoons! too bad it only lasts for 10 mins at a time otherwise I would get more done around the house:)