Mar 7, 2008

Not Much

Is going on around here. Oh well there is another storm brewing outside and dumping more snow on us. Luckly all the ice from Wednesday was able to melt yesterday. So this is fresh stuff falling. Seems to be a pattern. We get snow one day and it's real cold. The next it's warmer and it tricks you into thinking for one day...ONE WHOLE DAY that spring may be around the corner. Then when you sit down that night to see this in the weather report you get told another storm is on it's way. They said it would not be here until tomarrow. Well they were wrong cause it's snowing outside.
If I can't predict my children and what they will do tomarrow how can anyone think they can predict the weather and what it's going to do tomarrow?? Why not just stick to looking out the window and telling us what is going on out there. Cause frankly you would have a higher success rate! No wonder so many are sick! I'm not even going to go where my brain is wanting me to go because I know if that thought is said allowed then every one in my household will get it too and it will be a night mare. Shutting the brain down.
Winter has to end at some point right? right. right??


Christine said...

Since you, too, are in love with chocolate I thought you may enjoy this...
My three year old son is at the age where he "doesn't like kisses" but tonight he added, "except the ones you eat!" Daddy and I cracked up... Too cute!

Becky said...

LOL really i am laughing with that! It's so cute!! Thanks for sharing it with me!

suchsimplepleasures said...

it HAS to end!! winter has to go away!! i can't stand it anymore!!