Nov 29, 2007

School Reports

I got them in yesterday a day before my meetings with the teachers. Nice. Curtis has about a C+ average and Gregory is about B+. I am saying about because instead of going by the letter grade which is so much easier to figure out this school goes from 1 to 4. 1 being the worse and 4 being the best. Not bad but it could improve.

I didn’t learn much though from the comments that was included. I was told things that I have always known. Things that I have been telling teachers since day 1 that this is what goes on at home. I see this. How do I work with them before it happens in school? I would get “We don’t see that here” and the attitude is because we don’t see it then its not happening. I first told the woman who came from Early Intervention to test for delays. Then I told the testers. Then the speech therapist. Then the special ed teacher that was coming to the home. Then the OT when she came. Then the CSE board. Then the people at the preschool that would be working with them. Then the board. The new teachers. Then the board. The doctor SO many times. The teachers and therapists last year and again this year. I will say that last year Curtis was dx’d with ADHD. However after several med changes and so many mood swings that we really bad I stopped the meds. I could not handle doing the trial and error thing. And the doc was holding off on sending him to another doc that treats ADHD, Bi Polar and that sort of thing in children. I threw my hands up and said I will find another way! I have yet to find another way that has a positive effect on him.

Curtis’ teachers kept saying over and over again “Needs to work on settling down and paying attention during whole groups” ,”Has a short attention span”, “has lack of self control.” Hello??? Anyone home??? Have you been listening to me at all people??? I mean seriously have you??? Have you read his IEP yet??? I mean really read it? I have so many times over. Did you see the part where it says “reason for needing the IEP:Autistic Child.” So ok that is not the real wording they use but its the easy version so you as my reader know what that means! Did you read the part where it says one of his goals in OT is to expand on his attention span???

Cause you know I really don’t think you did! Otherwise you would you really tell me something I already know??? Mr. Music Teacher: Did you read the part that says he responds well to music? Yet gets really excited with Music?? Did you??? Cause somehow I think you missed that part as well. I know he blurts out I know he does!! Tell me as his Mom what I can to help him cause telling me what I already know and try so hard to work on here at home is not good enough anymore! I NEED HELP! You hear me? I NEED HELP WITH MY SON AT HOME SO WE CAN HELP HIM AT SCHOOL. What I am doing here at home is not enough.

Gregory. Again the same stuff applies. He just does not have autism.

Mrs Gregory’s Teacher.

Did you hear anything I came to talk to you about before school even started?? I told you when Gregory gets upset he shuts down! I told you this! I told you I can’t figure out how to get Gregory back into a good mood after he shuts down. I asked you how we could work on this. This is written in the IEP did you read it?? Telling me this does not help me! It just reinforces that I am failing here! Did you hear me when I told you that Gregory does not know how to write his name or any other letters. His preschool teachers were teaching him the letters and what they look like! Did you know it took 2 yrs before he knew them? Did you know he just started singing the ABC song 3 weeks ago in the correct order? Yet you send home a note telling me he needs to work on writing his name and the ABC’s and writing numbers. He is has come so far already from not knowing how to write his name to actually making a few of the letters in his name. We started this at the age of 2. He is now 5. 3 yrs of hard work and you have the nerve to tell me he is not doing a good enough job!!! Did you read the part that says his fine motor skills are needing some hard work?? Did you know that at the age 4 he finally learned how to hold a pencil the right way???

No I don’t think you do because you were not listening to me when we met before school started!!! I don’t even think you read his IEP.

I want both teachers to tell me why in the world they are focusing on the areas that need the most work on that OT and ST is suppose to be helping my boys with. Why can’t you tell me the things that are new to me so that way I can have that addressed as well. Even though I know its going in one ear and out the other.

Ok I am now in tears so I am going to stop here. There is more. Plenty more. However I am going to wait. I have my meetings with both teachers today the first being at 1:30pm EST. I will either post tonight or in the morning depending on how i feel afterwards.