Nov 27, 2007

I love it here.

my-ring-006.jpgI really do! My blog is not so crowded and shoved together. I feel so much better and have so much space I don’t know what to do with it all yet! Give me time and I will have the sidebars filled! My blog roll is diffrent this time. These are the actual blogs that I read. I will be moving the other blog roll here as well though.

Last night our truck broke down. Not a good thing. We live out in the middle of no man’s land and can’t walk to get anything exept for our mail! That is just on the other end of our porch! Hopefully its going to get fixed today. A friend is comeing to help out. So it better be fixed today!

I know you are wondering what the picture is. Its a picture of my ring. Actually my new engangement ring. My first one was simalar to this one but smaller and a pale purple heart gem. The first one was accidently thrown out. My fingers were swelling while I was pregnant with Gregory so I had to take it off. The moment I took it off I had to run for the bathroom due to morning sickness. I put it on a stand. Hubby was cleaning then and we think he picked it up with some papers and threw it out. Anyways this ring replaces that one!

Yep I am so gonna love it here! I am all stretched out and feeling so much better. So grab some coffee or whatever it is you are drinking and join me while I cheer myself on for doing this move cause I am a happier person!!!!

Note: This was how I felt over there before I found out I was loosing comments. Someone was eating them up as spam before I ever laid eyes on them. No longer that happy person that I was in when I wrote this post!