Dec 2, 2007


Even though I am not doing the Nablopomo thing cause that is over and done with it seems to me that I can’t go a day without posting here…at least not yet! Will it ever end? Will I get out of the habbit of posting everyday? Guess not!!! Which is a good thing though right? Keep my readers here and happy updating everday.

Ok now that i got that off my chest I will tell you about Hubby’s Birthday yesterday. Actually before I do that I need to tell you something! Friday I took the kids shopping for Daddy. They don’t quite have the idea yet of shopping for someone else. They were shopping for themselves! Here is a list of things that they wanted to get Daddy:

1. A new Truck.

2. A motorcycle

3. A big, very big, big blankie. (Not my words but Gregory’s)

4. A bastor

5. A baby doll dressed as a bumble bee

6. Spider Man gloves that would fit Curtis’ hands

7. Any children’s movie they found in the movie section. Cartoon style.

8. Last but not least anything that was decorated for weddings in the card and gift wrap section of the store.

Now Daddy is the only driver in the house so he took us and we split. He went and wondered the store while we did the shopping. When the kids finally had the shopping done I took the boys to Daddy so I could check out. I had put my coat over the stuff to hide it all. Well cause Sam was in the cart and it was too cold for him to go out and come back in with me I had to go and fetch a cart. As I was walking away I heard “Daddy you get a new movie!!!!” Coming from Curtis and Gregory. Perfect speech when they want to use it! We finally leave after doing some household stuff shopping. Make one more stop at the grocery store and come home. I tell the kids that after dinner and everyone is done eating that we will send Daddy upstairs and wrap the presents. They rush. I am still eating and daddy is too. They start freaking out because they are done eating. Daddy goes upstairs. and they wrap presents. I told them they had to wait. Daddy goes in the kitchen to get seconds. He is putting hot sauce on his food. I hear “Daddy you get new sauces!!!” from Gregory.

I explain its a secret. Can’t tell Daddy. We get it all done finally. They go to bed. At 6am yesterday the boys come in shouting “Daddy Surprise!!!!!” I started the day then. I let hubby sleep in.

From 6am to 9am when Daddy gets out of bed I get lots of “Is it time?” “now?” like 3 seconds after I say no. Then it just kept going. Every 10 mins they were asking.

Daddy comes down stairs the kids all shout “SURPRISE” when I told them to say Happy Birthday. Close enough. Daddy goes in the bathroom to take care of nature. Gregory comes up to me and said “Get Daddy’s present now Mom” I told Gregory he has to wait. Daddy can’t open them in the bathroom. “Why Not???” I laughed and just shook my head.
Keep in mind what the boys have already let slip what daddy is getting as I tell ya what they got for Daddy:

Curtis picked out a Budweiser BBQ Sauce Set.(the new sauce)

Sam picked out the movie The Transformors.

Gregory picked out a Cologne Set with 3 different sets.

And They all picked out a card that plays the song “Bad to the Bone” on the front it says “Be bad on your birthday” inside it says Very Bad! It has flames and 2 cute lookin skulls on it.

I would love to tell you what I got for him for his birthday but this blog is not ment for info like that! I think I would get a ton of bad, unwanted search engine hits with that info!! Use your imagination and think of toys. A very good day indeed!