Nov 27, 2007

Venting Ahead!

Truck update:
Today DH called his very best friend who then tried to get a hold of his mechanic to see if he could help fix the truck. Well the mechanic was not home. So his best friend then said that he would be down sometime today to take hubby to go and get the screws for the starter. Time was ticking and DH was trying to get this done before he had to be to work. With no said time I took matters into my hands and called my mother. I hate hate hate don’t care to call my mother. She is the last person I call when we need help with anything. She always says she can’t help for whatever reason. This time she managed to give me a heart attack when she said right away that she was going to come and help. This freaks me out to no end! DH goes with my evil no good mother to get the screws. Of course there is a catch with my mother. She can’t stay to make sure that this fixes the truck. See we live 7 miles from PY town and 6 miles from G town. Are you gonna want to walk 12 to 14 miles to get what you need from a store??? We won’t either.

Before I go any further I have to tell you something. I get gut feelings about situations when it comes to our vehicles. Now I am not saying this just because I know the outcome now. I am saying this because my gut feelings are always right. Now when DH was doing the work on the truck my gut was telling me that there was more to the issue than the damn screws to the starter. I just had the wrong part. I was feeling that the starter would still be bad and we would have to replace that….ok now read on…..

DH gets the starter back in place. The truck starts so he takes it for a spin. The battery light comes on. He tinkers and finds out the alternator is shot. See wrong part! But the truck was not fixed with just the screws because that is just too simple and does not fall within our string of luck with our cars. DH comes in and tells me this. I hand him the phone and tell him to call his freind. Tell him what is going on and have him come down here and take you to get a new one. We will take the money our of the christmas money. No biggie!! We can make up for it when we do the rest of our shopping.

So he calls his BFF. BFF says to call around find the place with the cheapest one, call back and he will take him. So I look up numbers and DH calls around. Find the one that is the cheapest and calls BFF back. Or at least tries to. BFF does not answer. The Wife calls me and I tell her what is going on and we need her DH to come down and help us out. DH has already missed work today. The wife then tells me that the BFF is on the phone with the cell phone company because The Wife can’t keep track of how many minutes she uses in a 30 day time frame. And has no clue when the BFF can call back.

Now I know the BFF and The Wife as well as I do myself, DH and my chidren. The Wife is not happy that we need the BFF to come and help us. She can’t allow him to do anything unless he makes money from it! BFF would have gotten some gas money out of this. Well no I should say cig money out of it. The Wife also mentioned that why should they help us when we could not help her when she was working and needed a ride there. I know what day she is talking about. It was a Friday. DH goes to work at 7:30 AM on Fridays. She called here at 11:30 AM expecting DH to take her butt to work. Hello??? Any one there??? He is at work he can’t run you to work! Its not our fault.

I will remember this the next time the BFF and The Wife need a freaken favor! Can you bring me some cigs? some sugar?? take me to town because our car broke down??? can you watch the kids for me cause BFF has a job interview and I am going with him????

I dare them to call asking cause the answer will be NO! Or I will say sure be right there. Call around find the cheapest place then I will come to help you…then never show up!!!

I can’t stand how DH’s freinds are! I try to place nice. I can’t stand them anymore but I play nice to keep the peace for DH. Well after today that is OVER! My crankyness is comeing out so they better watch out!!!!!