Nov 23, 2007

Turkey Day

We had lots of fun yesterday our freinds came over and we really enjoyed having them here. Gregory had fun his BFF was here. I don’t know about those two. She is 6 he is 5. I always thought that Curtis would be best freinds with her…and he is. Just as close with her as Gregory is. Gregory and Sunshine Girl(her nickname I am going to use here) want to do everything together. When I say everything I mean everything! When one of them had to use the bathroom the other would say “I have to go too” and try to walk in together. They were not too happy when we would not allow it.
Curtis played very well with all the kids yesterday. He is really coming along playing with others. He used to just sit alone and play his own thing and just watch the other kids. Slowly over the years I have watched him join in on thier fun too. Now they all play together. Exept for Sam. Sam’s idea of playing nice with others is taking the toy they have. Though I was trying to intervene and not allow Sam to have said toy the others would say “I was done with it he can have it” What do I know anyways??
Sam got ahold of a big plastic spoon. He took to hitting me with it. I would give chace trying to get it from him. “NO!!! Daddy!!!!” he would say.(Meaning he wants to give it to Daddy and not me.) Ok I would tell him…go give it to Daddy. Yep he sure would give to daddy by hitting Daddy with the spoon. When he would try and take it “No!!!! Mommy” We played this game for a few mins cause well it was funny. And it really didn’t hurt until Sam connected with my knuckles. That hurt. And he lost the spoon.
We ate by 4. I fixed the boys thier plates. I put a lil bit of everything on the plates cause I want them to at least look at it and maybe try some. Sam he refused to eat anything. He ended up eating Bologna, cheese, crackers and peporoni for his dinner. Curtis. Curtis loves mashed potatoes. He refused to eat the ones we made. Red potatoes. Daddy left the skins on. Which in turn leaves “Purple Things”. Curtis hates it when his favorite foods have a color to them that is not normal. Snow white all the way or nothing. I picked out Every single purple thing out of the mashed potatoes. Well enough to hide the purple things in the mashed potatoes so I could feed him myself. I had to do this with Gregory too.
Pies were at 5. I had some pumpkin and some chocolate banana cream pie. My chocolate pie I made did not set well. The box had me use more milk than what it needs. The kiddos though had no complaints. I ate so much by this time that I was really full. I could barely sit up anymore. By 6 our freinds left to go to A’s dads house for another dinner there. Daddy and Sam took a nap. By 7 Curtis and Gregory were sleeping. At 7:30 daddy woke up. Sam woke up long enough to complain about the light being on covered his head and went back to sleep.
By 10 we carried the kids up to bed and went to bed ourselves. I am still so full this morning that the thought of food makes me ache. I know today is Black Friday. I refuse to get out of bed at 2 so I can be in line by 3 and wait for the stores to open. I did that for the first time last year. I was frozen by the time we got in the store. I even had one 3 layers of clothes, 3 pairs of socks, 2 sweatshirts and a heavy coat. This coat is so heavy that wearing by itself I normally sweat. Nope I froze. That was the first and last time for me!
To those of you who did go out this morning I hope you found your great deals!!! I will be going out later on just to get out of the house. I was so warm and cozy in my bed this morning while some of you may have been freezing!
Happy Shopping!