Nov 15, 2007

Sick Sam

Yep he sure is! I blame our crazy weather around here. It goes down to 30 degrees and hold a few days. Then it goes up to 60 during the day and at night its down to 30. Some days its really cold and in order to take Sam out he needs his winter coat, hat and mittens. Other days I throw on his winter coat even though it may get too hot for him. Maybe this is why is so sick? I don’t know.
What I do know though is this. Yesterday Morning he woke up with a cough. I was thinking its just a cold. Having read online “Rub vabor rub on the bottom of the feet and cover with socks” will help relieve the cough, I went out and picked up some of that instead of some cold meds. And yes this works. This works so well that I did not know just how sick he was.
See Sam has asthma and yesterday after lunch he started weezy pretty bad. I instantly gave him a neb treatment. Sounded a little better but not much. After time passed he was still weezing so I gave him another one. He fell asleep just before the bus arrived with the kids. Which is almost 4.
At 6 almost 7 he woke up. I could hear him breathing on my way up the stairs. I grabbed him up and did another treatment. Yes it was not time but it was so scary and freaky that I just went ahead and did another treatment. He sounded better than he did but I was still worried about the way he was breathing. I called my mom. She talked to Sam on the phone. Then the other kids. Then by the time she got to me I only had to wait about 20 mins for the hubby to come home. So I called the doctor to let them know that I was taking Sam in. I knew the ER would want to do X rays. And in order for the X rays to be paid for by the insurance I need approval from the doctor. 5 mins after Hubby walked in I got the approval (call backs are not fast).
Sam hates the small rooms that the ER puts you in. You are there until discharged. Sam hates it. He hates the beds that you lie on even if its just long enough for the doctor to take a listen to.
At first I was baffled by this and could not figure it out.
He would not allow me to shut the door so I could keep him in the room. He would freak out! So of course he had to try and escape the room. The room was right by doors. The kind that open up for you as you walk on the floor. Oh Yea! That kind! I don’t know how many times he would run past me I would get up and go after him and he would be going through those doors.
I had books, trucks, cars and a phone for him to play with. So????? yea that is his thinking too! so what Mom!!!! He freaked out when the doctor wanted him to lay down on the bed so he could listen. This is when I figured out that I acted to fast to put the vapor rub on his feet. I had no clue what kind of cough he had. I knew it sounded like a cough you get with a cold before the rub. Now?? Well he is not coughing because of the rub on his feet. The doctor just glares at me.
I also found out Sam had a fever. Now every other time he has a fever I know. He gets so HOT, sweaty and won’t do anything. Just lay there. He was running around and not feeling HOT. I guess I no longer know that anymore.
They gave him meds for the fever. He spit it out at the nurse. She had to go and get more. This time I gave it to him and he took it like a pro! They gave him antibiotic…a different nurse. She tried to give it to him even though i said “I can do it cause he will take it so much better from me” What part of that she did not hear? The whole thing. She tried. He kicked her hand and it went flying. She goes and gets more. Comes back and lets me do it for him.
He is given steroids to help clear up his breathing. Yet anther nurse comes in and wants to give it to Sam. She does not hear me either. She tries. Sam won’t open his mouth. I glare at her. She tries to coax his mouth open and he bit her finger. She lets me do it after that!
They also needed to do a neb treatment for him there. I tell the male nurse (nothing against them just wanted to let you know this nurse was male) “At home Sam is held by daddy while I blow it in his face. I have been fighting with him all day and would love some help” He giggles at me. He hands it to me. I sit on the bed with Sam. He just sits there and lets me do it. The nurse walks out and Sam lets loose.
Have you ever held a kicking screaming arching back toddler with only one hand??? Trying not to drop anything? Oh yea I am sure alot of you have! Its not easy! Somehow I mange to get Sam to sit down and I cross my legs over him and he is still kicking and screaming just under my legs. The same nurse comes in and says “Hey buddy! Whats all the hub bub about?”
Sam stops.
He walks out. Sam starts.
The nurses then turn this into a game for him. Sam sits laughing while doing the neb!!! I asked if I could take them all home with me??? They laugh!
Now its time for the X rays. Now I have seen how they do X rays on toddlers. They put them on that horse thing and strap them in. I was fearing this inside. Cause its so hard to watch them.
To my surprise the x ray lady just wanted Sam to sit still on a chair! I don’t think she has a toddler at home. Sam was already freaking out because I had to take his jams off him. She then puts Sam on the chair. Asks me if I was pregnate or not so I could stand with him. I say No. She says is there a chance? I say No. She says how can you be sure???? (Some of you may already know this) Because I have had my tubes tied that is how I know!!!!!!! She then says “If its done recently we still can’t let you cause there is still a chance” WTF? What does she not get here????
I then tell her Sam’s birthstory. She wants to waist my time I will waist hers.
“I was at the park with my kids….and went into labor. walked home. Went to the hospital. Had C Section by request. Had my tubes tied right there!!! Amazing huh? So lets see Sam is 2 yrs and 5 months. “
She lets me stay. She tells Sam to sit up tall and look at the camera!!! WTF??? “Tell Sam that he will look at the camera while getting up cause he wants to see what you are looking at!” I tell her. I wrangled him back on the chair and held him in place while she shut up and did the x rays.
Bronchitis is what he has. He is on steroids, antibiotic and motrin for the fever.
When we get home and pull into the drive way I say ” Sam is so scared of the little rooms and the bed in the little rooms! I wonder why?” Then I remember his finger.