Nov 17, 2007


Last night we went out shopping for some things that we really needed to get. Because of the snow yesterday it reminded us that the kids needed boots, hats and mittens. We thought it would be an easy task. Wrong! Curtis who is 6 wears a size 3 shoe. In order to make sure that we would only have to buy one pair of boots for him we needed a size 4. They don’t have size 4 boots. Gregory wears a size 12 shoe in the little kids section. And Sam wears a size 10 in the toddler section. I wanted to go up a size for each one. However we could not find them unless we wanted to pay $30 on each kid. That is worth a hundred dollars for the boys in just boots. So we stuck with the sizes that they do wear and are hoping for the best!
Hats. They all wanted hats that were not going to fit. Gregory wanted a hat and mitten set however the hat was too small for his head and the mittens were too big for his hands. He has little hands with long skinny fingers. We wanted to get waterproof gloves for them. Gregory can’t get them on by himself and there is no way we could help him get them on. He got mittens instead. Curtis wanted a Red hat. The hat he wanted was also too small. This caused a melt down. If the hat does not cover the ears how is that going to help him stay warm? I searched and searched until I found another Red hat that fits his head. 6 Red hats later we had one!
I found a really cute hat for Sam however it was too small for his head. What is up with this anyways??? So I had to settle for a plain hat. He got gloves that are water proof and he would not take them off. He had to be scanned at the register so they could be paid for! Curtis also got waterproof gloves. Red to go with his hat.
Sam is on a fruit kick. He wants nothing but fruit to eat. Anas are his favorite fruit. Don’t speek toddler? This is Bananas. With his anas he wants chocolate milk. And cookies. Such a good diet for him! We are thinking that come Monday we will have to take Sam back to the doctor. His bronchitus is not clearing up and I know it takes days. However with his steroids, antibiotics and Neb treatments his breathing and couphing should be sounding better by now. Its not. Last night he couphed so much when we got home and gave him a neb treatment he pucked. All over my legs, feet and shoes since i had my shoes on. I will spare you the details of the contents of his stomach. Not to mention I have told you anyways! Ha!
I finally found one of the 3 cold mist humidifiers we have. I cleaned it out and set that up in his room last night. He did not cough during the night. Speaking of wich I need to bring it downstairs for him. It might help. I hate that we have forced air for heat here.
Now Curtis has a cough. And Gregory got sick in the middle of the night. I have a stuffy nose and sneezing like a mad woman. If this is an indicator on what our winter is going to be like then I plead to all the Gods out there PLEASE SPARE ME NOW AND SKIP WINTER TIME. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME AND LET THIS BE THE ONLY TIME THEY GET SICK.
I don’t think I could handle this all winter long. Sam will be getting his nebs even when he is better at leastt 3 times a day. Morning. Noon. Night. Hopefully it will keep his longs clear. And we are going to stay in the house between now and spring.