Nov 13, 2007

Odd Thomas continued

Ok now that I am back from the store and hubby is now at work I can tell you more about this book and why I like the book!
The main character is Odd. He has an ability to help the dead. Now wait a minute. Don’t run off just yet. Here me out! The book is written up as if Odd himself is writing the book and I really enjoyed this style. Gives you more insight into the character.
Now Odd has use this ability to fight some bad guys. Not just bad guys but really bad guys. I finished this book in about 4 days because I was so addicted to it that I could not put the book down! There are other characers in the book too and will leave them to you to find out who they are and what role they play. The book is a suspence,thriller, romance kind of book. I don’t normally read this type of book however a family member gave the book to me and since it came from her I know I had to read it! I was and still am captivated by the characters and even came to care about Odd and a few others while reading it. Most books as you read it you think you may know what will happen next and sometimes you are right on. However no matter what I thought was going to happen next did not happen but did happen was even better than what I thought would happen.
The ending I think is the part of the book that I will never forget. The way it was told you think its a nice way to end the book however think again cause it ends in another way! With this book I felt a ton of feelings during the book that matched those of Odd. Scared.Happy.Freaked Out. Calm. Good feelings. Bad feelings. Whatever the mood was during the book I could feel it and felt that I was there as it was all happening.
I doubt that I gave this book justice but hope that maybe I said enough yet not enough to get someone else to pick up this book for a good read!
I wrote this up for my own pleasure of sharing with my readers what I think is a good book and it comes recommended from me. No money was given for this!